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Why I dumped NodeJS, and all interpreted languages for that matter

After a few years of jumping back and forth between NodeJS, Lua, Ruby and PHP, I finally bit the bullet and started learning languages like C, Dlang and Go. I avoided compiled and typed languages like the plague before then. I don't know if I'm seei [...] Read More

Why I Went Back to Linux After 2 Years of Mac

My mixed history with Gentoo and why I came back In around 2004 I started using OpenSUSE, later Ubuntu, then Gentoo. I later gave up on Linux as a whole when I just could handle dealing with the setup anymore. That's when I switched to Mac. Up unti [...] Read More

Your Limit is Your Curiosity

I think at some point we've all shared some pointless bit of information with someone else and gotten the response, "but why do I need to know that?" This happens similarly when you find an app or a feature that seems so cool, but no one else unders [...] Read More

The 80% Rule for Productivity

You've heard of the 80/20 rule. But I've found another rule that has "80" in it. It's called the 80% rule. If you're like me you probably have 5+ active projects hanging around in different stages at any point in time. When you find that month wher [...] Read More

Rambling on Basics and When Not to Save

Woke up to the realization that the power had been cut. Damn! The light bill hadn't been paid! And one of the big things on my mind in the past few days: I hadn't been saving as much money as I wanted to. My lesson for the day: Saving money is not [...] Read More

Start Your Micro-Savings Portfolio

Most people either save a lot or don't save at all. A problem I found was I'd save too much and later have to take that money back out when I needed to pay the rent. Result? Constantly disappointment in myself. Since you can't save your way to ric [...] Read More

You Can Opt Out Before Getting Pulled In

You walk into Walmart and see the stove you've always wanted standing there staring at you. The sign taped on the front says (monthly payments of $100/mo, zero interest for one year). What do you do? Most people will think, "Wow no interest for a yea [...] Read More

Take The Hard Route

Everyone wants to take the easy route to fast cash. There are tons of ads targetting these people. I used to be one of these people. But the more you chase quick money, the further you push your real business experience and education down the road. [...] Read More

Launching Too Early Is as Bad as Launching Too Late

I've launched too late in most projects and launched really early in others. What "really early" is really depends on your product and how well suited you are to take on users. The underlying issue pundants talk about in launching too [...] Read More

Freelancer to Software Products: Why The Transition is so Difficult

Starting off you feel great! You just started a product that makes money! Awesome! The world is yours. That's what we feel around six months before frustration sets in. The things that cause you to get frustrated: You want to get it [...] Read More

Finding an Elusive Bug

1. Get as much info as possible First you want to hunt down what's happening before the bug occurs, the data being passed, where the data is originating from, etc. Verbose logging, getting emails sent to your inbox triggered by new errors and knowin [...] Read More

Define What Success Is

The mainstream definition of success is external. Cars, clothes, houses in Miami, money to throw in the air. Other, less mainstream, sources will tell you that success is a state of mind. Happiness, feeling good. That's success. Yet, defining succe [...] Read More

Freelancers: Put Forth Quality, Regardless of All Else

A habit of those who wish to be poor, stay poor: Give less because you're not getting paid premium. One of the most distructive beliefs that holds you back is that, since you're not getting paid as much as you want, you'll simply give less. Maybe yo [...] Read More