Hi, I'm Clinton Skakun.

I bootstrap online software products. "Products" being apps, tools, sites and other technology products. I've launched dozens of apps online in the past 10 years. Everything from games to tools to integrations and more. I also do a little freelancing.

Been living abroad in Mexico for about 4 years and loving every minute of it. Lucky enough to be one of those expats that continue to earn while out of the country. Heck, I do everything from my laptop, in the house, at coffee shops or anywhere else that has WIFI.

I've met some amazing people along the way. Ran into some great career opportunities along the way. I learned Spanish here, met the love of my life and built a house here. It's been a mind blowing experience!

Aside from growing my business, I'm also passionate about self-growth, traveling and learning. I major in entrepreneurship and web dev, but aside from that I'm largely a generalist, as I have been since a young age. I never liked school, but I always took the opportunity to learn something new.

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