I'm a Digital Nomad and Online Software Developer.

I head software products to help businesses in all industries streamline tasks that could be described as "necessary evils".

So many businesses these days are wasting millions of dollars on bad data, bad processes and anti-productive, outdated software. They create workarounds, adapt process to handle and avoid chaos and make their staff and customers jump through hoops.

I've made it my profession (at Moveelo) to use technology to solve a few of these frictions and help organisations do what all organisations want: increase their bottom line, keep their people happy and their customers happy.

Every company is different and there are many roads to a similar result. This is why I've used my tenancy to learn about everything as a problem solving asset.

I move fast, work hard, and love what I do. While trying to salvage some time to enjoy the rest of life along the way.

Digital Nomad: Originally from Calgary Alberta, I've been living abroad in Mexico for a few years and loving every minute of it. I've met some amazing people along the way. Ran into some great career opportunities along the way. I learned Spanish here and met the love of my life here.

Entrepreneur: I have business in my genes. All I've wanted to do from a young age was run my own business. Turns out I now run multiple.

Developer: Starting out young I learned how to write software and build websites. Besides business, probably one of the most valuable skills I've developed over the years.

Among Other Things: I'm passionate about learning everything I can about life. I'm largely a generalist with serial obsessions(or multipotentialite), as I have been since a young age.

Another obsession I have is writing, which I've been doing ferociously since 2008. (I've recycled a handful of blogs since then)

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