Hi, I'm Clinton Skakun.

I'm passionate about building and growing online products. All of the products and businesses I'm involved in are inspired by a problem I or someone close to me has experienced.

I'm somewhat rare. Touching both sides of the technology product business. It's not odd for me to write code, sales copy, design an interface and answer customer support emails all in the same day. This gives me a giant advantage in building my company.

Am I solo founder? Absolutely not! I'm lucky to have some amazing people supporting me. My wife helps me design most of my products and brings a huge amount of clarity to my overall business. I've had just a few mentors along the way, in both the technical and business sides, who I wouldn't have been able to do without. I'm always reminded that when you follow your passion, work hard and learn to express your passion, you'll never have a lack of people who see potential in you.

Right now, my wife and I live in Playa del Carmen. There's no other place we'd rather call home. Mexico, and travel in general, has been an eye opener for me. The culture, the language and the difference in mindset inspire me and have touched all areas of my life.

Aside from growing my business, I'm also passionate about self-growth, traveling and learning. My true passion outside of career just might be developing myself and my relationships. I'm an adopter of the mindset that you can't just be successful in one area. Life is vast and has an endless number of places to explore. In my experience, almost anything is possible as long as you pay attention and choose your opportunities wisely.

I have a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm and love getting stuff done! This isn't to brag, but to demonstrate what happens when you live true to your values and make decisions based on what you want vs. everyone else pressures you to do.

So that's me in nutshell. You can learn more about me and my business at Moveelo, the Moveelo blog or look above to connect with me via social media.